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Workshop Repairs
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Professional Computer Service Center

We pride ourselves on our technical excellence in assisting business and home computer users in keeping their computer systems & networks up and running. We offer an extensive range of services, all within a reasonable time frame and handle all warranty an non-warranty repairs. Please feel free to come in to our well equipped Service Department for a booking or free consultation.

We Specialise in:

Desktop and Laptop Repairs, Laptop Screen Replacements, Data Recovery, On-Site Services, Virus and Spyware Removal, Home Network Setup and Installation, Business Network Setup and Installation, CD/DVD Replication, Network Configuration, Custom Assembly, Database Management, General Maintenence, Software and Hardware Upgrades, Wiring and Cabling, Disaster Recovery, Data Protection and Encryption, ADSL and DSL Setup and Configuration and Sales.

Electrical Storm Knock out your Computer? We can confirm that it has been damaged and provide you with documentation for your insurance company, if you need to make a claim.

Computer repair is our specialty!

We provide you with several ways to make the process of getting your computer or laptop repaired, making it a painless and worry free process.

The diagnostic fee is applicable to any repair or upgrade we do. This allows us to expedite the repair process and to start work right away. We will not do any other work to your laptop or PC without first giving you a quote and we receive your approval.

• Troubleshooting Operating System Issues
• Operating System Installs (Windows 8, Windows 7, Linux)
• Computer Setup and Maintenance
• Hardware Installation, Repair and Replacement
• Restore, Fix and Clean Up Registry Files and Errors
• LAN Connectivity and Troubleshooting Services
• Firmware and BIOS Update
• Mouse & Keyboard issues
• Screen Issues
• Error Messages and annoying POP-UPS

PC / Computer Service and maintenance
• We clean the dust out
• We update the drivers
• We update the windows
• We optimise the Registry
• We Clear up Start-up Items
• We optimise Windows
• We remove Unused Files
• We configure Windows Firewall
• We defragment any hard drives
We repair every brand of computer & laptop. From name brands - IBM, Acer, Compaq, HP, Toshiba, NEC, Dell etc. to custom built PC's from other vendors. We can replace any part of the computer that is defective easily and quickly

Computer Upgrades

We Install Computer Parts - Memory ( RAM ), Modems, Hard disks, hard drives, CPU, Mother Boards, Sound Cards, PCI & AGP Video Cards , Power Supply, Processors, Network Cards, Wireless Cards, Computer Cases, Floppy Drives, CD-Drive, DVD Drives & Burners, Gaming Hardware, Etc.

Frequently asked Questions

• How much memory do I need?
• What type of processor should I buy?
• Which motherboard is best suited to my requirements?
• What sort of graphics & sound card should I buy?
• Which type of hub or router best fits my needs?
• What type of DVD ROM or Blu-ray drive should I buy?
• Should I buy a solid state or ferromagnetic hard drive?
• Software installation service is required ?
• More Memory is required ?
• USB hubs, graphics cards, Ethernet adapters and more.

Laptop Repair is one of our Specialties!

We repair almost every brand of laptop / notebook with any problems. From name brands - to custom built notebooks or whitebooks from other vendors. We can replace any part of the mobile PC that is defective, making it a painless and worry free process.

• Broken Screen Problem
• CD and DVD Drive Problems
• Hard Drive Problems
• E-Mail, Modem, and Internet Problems
• Error Messages
• Keyboard Problems
• Lockups and Software Problems
• Media Card Reader Problems
• Memory Problems
• Mouse Problems
• Network Problems
• Power Problems
• Printer Problems
• Scanner Problems
• Sound and Speaker Problems
• Video and Monitor Problems

For your convenience we offer:

In store or on-site service

Pick up & delivery service

Think You Lost Your Data?

Himark Computers provides data recovery on a full range of hard drives and operating systems IDE, EIDE, SATA, and external hard drive assemblies. We recover all makes and models of laptops, notebooks & desktop computers.

Data Recovery
• Hard disk component failure
• Hard drive head crash
• Hard drive doesn’t spin
• Bad sectors on the hard disk
• Media surface contamination
• Unintentional formatting of partitions
• Accidental deletion of hard drive data
• Physical hard drive damage
• Damage due to lightning, flood and fire
• Human sabotage or deletions
• Mechanical and electrical failure
• Software corruption
• Hardware failure
• RAID system failures
• Server corruption and failures
• Laptop dropped and doesn’t turn on
• Inaccessible drives and partitions
• Blue screen of death

We have a high success rate with hard drive data recovery. Our in-house technicians can recover data from variety of failures !

A Virus can ruin your day!

Viruses can destroy your data & make your PC non-functional. The best way to help protect yourself from infestations of any type, is to regularly update your operating system and Microsoft Office security patches, install a firewall and keep an up to date subscription of anti-virus program and Spyware / Adware / Malware.

Virus and spyware removal
• We remove the Viruses
• We remove the Worms
• We remove the Malware
• We remove the Hoaxes
• We remove the Trojans
• We remove the Malicious active content
• We remove the Infections

Here are some of the signs that your system may have a virus:
• Your computer is running slowly
• Your antivirus program will not run or perform any tasks
• Your computer shuts down and restarts randomly
• Your computer keeps freezing
• Programs disappear without you removing them
• Your computer is prompting you to buy strange software or is telling you that you may have a virus
• Uncommon error messages

If you cannot get rid of a virus, just bring your computer in for service. We scan your entire computer using Industrial strength software - finding and removing all viruses.